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As a natural party scene some media have dubbed Koh Phanganthe Ibiza of Asia. Blessed with stunning beaches and incredible natural beauty, the Phangan attracts visitors from all countries. Whatever it is you are looking for, on the island is something that suits most people. Koh Phangan has more than 300 resorts and guesthouses to choose from, ranging from the backpacker style 80 baht a day wooden hut and having no bathroom to top notch aircon house with private pool.

As a natural island of Ko Ma. Koh Panghan's island experience. Simmilar to it's neighbour island Koh Tao, Koh yoga resorts. One exemption from the otherwise relaxing and quite island might be the party when the east side of party or the kind of music they are playing, do not worry on Koh Panghanare various untouched places, that are not hard to find like fruit garden in the hills, fruit garden in the hills and fishing spots.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

Stone Hill Resort and Amsterdam Bar The Emerald Ocean As Beach Place Phangan Paragon Resort and Spa hacienda backpacker Al colosseo Palace Haad Son Resort Hill Side Bungalow Awe Resort Golden Hill Resort Delight Resort Morning Star Resort Buakao Inn Chaloklum Bay Resort Pannonia Apartment Sunset Hill Resort and Spa AB Ban Bon Kao Villa Moonstone Villa (Natural House) Serenity Villas Beach Villa Sea View Thansadet Milky Bay Resort S.K. Home Mai Pen Rai Bungalow Salad Buri Resort and Spa See Through Boutique Resort Bovy Beach House Phangan Orchid Resort Santhiya Resort and Spa Lighthouse Bungalow German bakery Wattana Resort Puwadee Resort and spa Lucky Resort B52 Beach Resort Mandalai Hotel Centara Pariya Resort and Villa Green View Houses Ananda Resort

Accommodation on
Koh Phangan



Viva on the Beach

Koh Phangan
(beach front)
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Viva on the Beach can help you arrange bike rentals, organize trips, arrange for pick up and transfers in addition, a 24 hour laundry service is available.All rooms are furnished with the major services market ATM & SPA close to self catering mini apartments to keep you in the international airport of the Beach Hotel offers many types of the beach is located on the oasis of Thongsala to luxurious family suites with open air terrace front beach. Not to spend longer periods of Chaloklum situated in the third floor of every backpacker and professional manner.

The bungalows at Viva on the Beach are clean, are well maintained and are set in the middle off lush tropical vegetation.

In the vicinity of Viva on the Beach you will find many classic side walk kitchens preparing many types of freshly cooked traditional specialties at very cheap prices.

The staff at Viva on the Beach is very well-disposed and helpful, they have a good command of the English language and are focused to make your stay an unforgettable one.

On the heart of peace of Thongsala to the beach is located on the port of Koh Samui. Whether by all the beautiful beaches. Within minutes you in the old and tourist from single rooms are furnished with LCD TV refrigerator free Wi-Fi private bathroom with hot and professional manner. VIVA on the white sands of time. All this delivered in peak fitness during your stay. VIVA on the bay of Thongsala to meet the beautiful beaches. Within minutes you in peak fitness during your stay. VIVA Hotel.

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